Paraffin Removal

Field Install of the Vortex paraffin mitigation (SX-P) tool Field install of the SX-P tool


The Vortex surface paraffin mitigation (SX-P) tool is ideal for applications where paraffin is building up in the pipeline and increasing line pressures and gas constriction through partial- or complete-line blockages.

By keeping the paraffin (along with everything else) in the stable flow set up by the patented SX-P tool, the sticky paraffin is unable to attach and build up on the pipeline wall. Instead, the paraffin slowly builds up in the bluff body of the SX-P tool (over months as opposed to days/weeks with conventional solutions). This allows the operator to predict where the paraffin will be—inside the Vortex tool where it is easily treated, not unpredictably on the pipeline wall where it is difficult to mitigate—and to easily remove the paraffin that previously would have choked out the production stream in the line.

This SX-P tool reduces or can even eliminate the need for hot oiling, drastically reducing chemical treatment costs. This removable bluff body can also be used to inject chemical solutions into a paraffin-prone flow line.

A case study on paraffin mitigation is available here.

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