Underground Gas Storage Recovery

Field install of the wireline retrievable (DX-WR) tool

Field install of the DX-WR tool

With the wireline retrievable (DX-WR) tool, underground gas storage companies are able to recover more of the gas stored in caverns, thereby profiting more in winter from the gas (usually) stored during the summer.

In underground gas storage wells, gas is injected into caverns (usually depleted reservoirs in oil and/or gas fields, aquifers, and salt cavern formations). Due to the methods of injecting and recovery, large volumes of water are usually recovered along with the gas.

Prior to the installation of Vortex DX-WR tools in the test region, 6% of the gas stored could never be recovered (the maximum recovery rate in this set of caverns was only 92%). 19 DX-WRs were tested in two fields. Vortex tools increased the water recovery rate, increased the gas rate, and increased the number of days in which gas could be recovered. In some cases, the gas recovered was greater than the gas injected in the prior year (over 100% capacity). As is seen in underground gas storage wells, the Vortex DX-WR tool is of significant benefit where high water recovery is expected.

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